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Removing sales order items that have been invoiced
Removing sales order items that have been invoiced

With a specific user role, you can hide sales order items even if they have been invoiced

Written by Raymond Carrel
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If a sales order item is present on an invoice then it cannot be deleted through normal means.

However, if that invoice is cancelled, it is possible to set that line as inactive. This requires that you have a specific user role.

An inactive line is hidden from the sales order page, and will not be included in any financial calculations or reports.

User role

The user role is Set Inactive Status for Order Items. This can be enabled from Settings - User - Roles.

Removing the sales order item

An invoice must be fully credited or paid off before it can be cancelled. Once this is done, you can use the Cancel button to cancel the invoice.

You can then use the Delete button on the right-hand side of the sales order line to remove the item. This is the same button you would use to delete an uninvoiced item.

After confirming deletion, the sales order line will be removed from view and set as inactive.

Viewing inactive items

To view any inactive items, you can check the Show Inactive box.

Inactive items will be shown, with (Inactive) appended to the item name.

Inactive items

Inactive items:

  • will not affect financials

  • will not appear in Data Capture

  • cannot be selected for operations such as invoicing, delivery, regulation

  • cannot be made active again - you must add a new line

  • will not appear in sales order item reports

Lines with stock reservations

Note that any item with a stock reservation or allocation must have these removed before a line can be made inactive.

Lines that have been converted to assets

Converting a line to asset will not prevent you from setting it as inactive, so we advise that you update / cancel any assets first if required.

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