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Integration with Red Cactus Bubble
Integration with Red Cactus Bubble

This article describes the key benefits of the Bubble integration, and explains how to set it up in your Layer instance.

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Welcome to our knowledgebase article on connecting Red Cactus Bubble, a tool designed for computer telephony integration (CTI).

This guide will walk you through the key features and benefits of Bubble, helping you maximise productivity and improve the speed at which you can access contacts in The Layer from an inbound phone call.

More information is available on the Layer integration on the Red Cactus Marketplace.

Key Features & Benefits

1. Click & Call

Bubble's Click & Call feature allows you to dial out with just one click from within The Layer. Whether you're working in The Layer, browsing the web, or using another program, you can initiate a phone call instantly by clicking on a phone number, kicking off any workflows you have set up, like creating post call notes.


  • Increased Efficiency - Save time by eliminating the need to manually dial numbers.

  • Enhanced Productivity - Quickly connect with clients and leads, improving response times.

  • User-Friendly - Simplifies the calling process, making it accessible for all users.

2. Search Bar on Bubble

With the Search Bar, you can search for Layer contact information directly, even when there is no active phone call. This feature provides quick access to essential contact details whenever needed.


  • Quick Access - Instantly retrieve contact information without needing to navigate through your CRM.

  • Improved Workflow - Maintain productivity by accessing data swiftly and efficiently.

  • Convenience - Have contact information readily available at your fingertips.

3. Single & Multi Result Call Identification

The Multi Result function is designed to handle situations where multiple contacts are associated with a single phone number. You can easily browse through the results to find the specific contact you're looking for.


  • Accuracy: Ensure you are reaching the correct contact by browsing through multiple results.

  • Efficiency: Quickly identify and select the right contact from a list.

  • Better Organisation: Manage multiple contacts under a single phone number with ease.

4. Custom Field Feature

Red Cactus Bubble allows for Custom Fields to be displayed in the pop-up. This means any self-created fields in The Layer can be shown, providing you with relevant information during calls.


  • Customisation - Tailor the pop-up to show the information that matters most to you.


  • Contextual Information - Have all necessary data at your disposal during calls.

  • Enhanced CRM Experience - Seamlessly integrate custom fields into your telephony workflow.

5. Call History

The Call History function provides a log of all contact moments with a phone number over the last 90 days. This feature helps you see which colleague had the last contact, giving you a comprehensive view of the communication history.


  • Transparency - Easily track previous interactions with clients and contacts.

  • Collaboration - Improve team collaboration by knowing the last point of contact.

  • Insightful - Gain valuable insights into communication patterns and history.

6. Call Log

At the end of every call, a Call Log is pushed to the The Layer. This ensures that every call is logged under the corresponding contact's record, providing a complete record of interactions. Essentially, a call log is a phone call task type.


  • Comprehensive Records - Maintain detailed logs of all calls for future reference.

  • Consistency - Ensure all call data is consistently recorded in your CRM.

  • Accountability - Track and manage calls effectively within your team.

7. Call Note

The Call Note function allows you to make notes immediately after a call. These notes are logged together with the Call Log and become visible to you and your colleagues in the Call History.


  • Detailed Notes - Capture important details and insights from each call.

  • Shared Information - Ensure that all relevant team members have access to call notes.

  • Improved Follow-Up - Enhance follow-up actions with detailed and accurate notes.

8. Single Sign-On (SSO)

RedCactus Bubble supports easy and secure login based on Single Sign-On (SSO) with Microsoft, Google, or Apple accounts.


  • Convenience - Simplify the login process with SSO integration.

  • Security - Enhance security with trusted SSO providers.

  • Streamlined Access - Quickly and securely access RedCactus Bubble without needing multiple credentials.

How to set this up?

Create a new API Application for Red Cactus

Now add a new token set for the user you're adding (you need to do this for each user you're adding):

(Due to the nature of this integration, we recommend extending the expiry a little)

Head into the Bubble app and add your token set, and check "Call logging enabled"

Make a test call!

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