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Inform Eclipse NG Integration
Inform Eclipse NG Integration

Information on the benefits that the Inform Eclipse integration can bring, and how it can be configured

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

The Layer supports integration with Inform Billing's Eclipse NG platform. This allows for quick access of Eclipse data from The Layer, and eases the transference of billing data between systems.

This provides a range of benefits for users, notably:

Customer creation and mapping - This helps ensure accurate billing record creation and reducing errors

Real-time CLI data view - This provides instant access to CLI data associated with customer accounts. This helps customer service find Eclipse-managed data quickly.

Invoice peek - Quickly access both upfront and recurring costs, with instant access to detailed invoice information by clicking through to Eclipse NG.

Field validation - The Layer offers customisable data validation, including number formats. This helps ensure accurate billing, minimising discrepancies and improving data integrity.

Simplified billing routes - Manage billing routes based on CLI, ensuring invoices are correctly directed, and optimising the billing process.

Billing queue management - Automate the export of billing data, including CLI, from your CRM to the billing system, streamlining invoice processing.

Import via inventory pull - Easily import CLI and other inventory data from Eclipse, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring billing accuracy.

Change queue management - Smoothly handle billing updates, including record change data, keeping Eclipse NG as the "system of record".

Using integration features

For more detail on how the integration works, and how you can benefit from it, check these articles:


There are a few tasks that must be performed to configure your instance of The Layer to work with Eclipse:

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