Understanding the Sage 200 Integration

An overview of The Layer's integration with Sage 200

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The Layer offers the ability to integrate with the Sage 200 as an external finance system.

This allows you to sync invoice and payment transactions between the two platforms.

What is synced?

Customer records

We sync The Layer customer records with Sage customer records, with key details on customer contacts.

Example customer record in Sage 200:

Transaction enquiry for the customer (accessed from Customers List in Sage).

This includes information such as balances, credit limits and on-hold statuses. The Customer Sage Balances side-widget summarises this information.

Layer Invoices as Sage Invoice Transactions

Invoices in The Layer will sync and be sent as invoice transactions to Sage. These will be offset by payments / receipts.

Transactions: Payments and receipts

Language differs somewhat between The Layer and Sage 200 when it comes to a customer making payments against their invoice. The Layer views this from the customer's perspective and refers to this as a payment, whereas Sage refers to this from the business' perspective as a receipt.

Payments from customers made against Layer invoices will be sent to Sage, where they will be shown as receipts.

This works in reverse, too. Receipts in Sage will be sent to The Layer, where they will be displayed as payments.

These Sage - Layer payments will be shown in an area of Settings called Sage Transactions. From here we can reconcile these payments with invoice records in The Layer. Once this is done, these payments will be visible on the invoice itself and reflected in any balances.

Credit notes and any refunds will also be sent to Sage from The Layer. Refunds will be displayed as receipts.

Other mappings

Layer sub-companies as Sage companies

If your instance of The Layer is configured to use sub-companies, these can be mapped to different Sage companies that exist within the same Sage account.

Layer payment methods and Sage bank accounts

Different Layer payment methods can be mapped to different bank account entities in Sage 200.

Nominal codes

Nominal codes will be synced between both systems.

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