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How to amend or cancel a Purchase Order
How to amend or cancel a Purchase Order
Written by Vijaya Tymerri
Updated over a week ago

This article provides a clear guide on how to amend or cancel a Purchase Order (PO).

Note: Only users with the admin permissions can make amendments or cancellations to a purchase order.

1. Understanding Purchase Order Statuses

When you finalize a purchase order, its status changes from "Created" to "On Order".

However, once a purchase order is finalised, it cannot be directly amended. To amend the PO, the first step is to change the status back to "Created".

2. Reverting the Status

On the Purchase Order page in the Purchase Order Profile tab, change the status from "On Order" to "Created". This switch allows you to make further changes.

3. Deleting Line Items

After you've changed the status to "Created", you can proceed with deleting line items.

Identify the line items you wish to delete. You will be able to delete any items only when there are no Stock movement sessions linked to this Purchase Order.

If any item in the order is linked to a Stock Movement Session, complete Step 4 before you delete the line item. As you will notice a prompt informing you of a linked stock movement session.

Click on the "X" in the "Remove" column to delete the line items you want to remove.

Notice a pop-up asking you to confirm the deletion; click OK for the item to be deleted.

4. Managing Existing Stock Sessions

If the purchase order is linked to a stock session, you need to handle this before deleting line items. Follow these steps:

Find the stock session associated with the purchase order by heading to the "Stock Module".

Click on "Stock Movements" located on the left and search for the related PO in "Stock Movement Manager".

Delete the stock session tied to the purchase order by clicking on the Delete Movement Session button on the left; ensure you do this before removing line items.

Once the stock session is deleted, proceed to delete the line items as explained in Step 3.

5. Updating Purchase Order Details

After deleting line items, update the purchase order with the correct details. Make sure to add the product items again to fix any inaccurate information, such as quantities, prices, and descriptions.

6. Finalising the Purchase Order

After updating the details, finalise the purchase order. This step confirms your amendments made to the Purchase order.

7. Cancel the Purchase Order

To cancel the Purchase Order, delete all the line items in the order and update the status to 'Cancelled'. This indicates that the purchase order is no longer valid.

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