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Moving stock between warehouses and sub-companies
Moving stock between warehouses and sub-companies

You can bulk relocate stock from one warehouse or sub-company to another

Written by Raymond Carrel
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There are a number of reasons that you may wish to move stock from one warehouse to another, or to transfer stock to another sub-company. For example, leveraging the buying power of one, but selling from another.

Items of stock can be changed in such a way from the stock record, or in bulk from a stock work stack.

Stock relocation

From a stock work stack, you can easily move stock from one warehouse and / or sub-company to another.

Moving stock to another warehouse

Check the box next to one or more items of stock, and click on Relocate. After confirming that you would like to make a change, you can select the new warehouse from the menu shown.

Moving stock to another sub-company

If your instance of The Layer uses sub companies, you also have the option to change the sub-company associated with an item of stock.

The sub companies available for selection will be limited to those to which the warehouse has been made available in the Sub Companies area of Settings. Click the button below for more information on how to do this.

If the warehouse selected is the default warehouse for any sub company, that sub company will be selected for you in the second menu. This can, however, be changed.

Viewing the stock item record

Clicking on the magnifying glass icon in a work stack or stock movement screen will open the record of the item of stock.

Here you can see a range of details, including the warehouse and sub company. Both of these can be changed from this screen.

Again, the sub companies available for selection will be limited to those considered valid for the warehouse, so change the warehouse first if required.

Viewing stock transfer history

Relocating stock, either from a work stack or from the stock item record, will create a stock Transfer Reference.

A history of stock transfers for a given item of stock can be seen on the Transfer History tab on the stock item record.

If you have a stock transfer reference, you can use the Global Search to find the relevant item of stock. To do this, you need the use role Search Stock Transfer by Reference.

The custom report Stock Transfer Audit Report can also be run to get a full report of all stock transfers.

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