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Cancelling a customer

A tool is provided to assist with the cancellation process

Written by Raymond Carrel
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To cancel a customer you will require one or both of the following user roles:

  • Customer Cancellation

  • CRM Admin

The Customer Cancellation Tool is designed to not only change the status of the customer record, but to tidy up and related records, such as:

  • Assets - ensure that all assets are ceased

  • Quotations - ensure that all quotes are marked as lost, won etc.

  • Sales orders - ensure that all sales orders are either completed or cancelled before cancelling customer record

  • Opportunities - ensure that all opportunities are closed off

  • Cases - ensure that all cases are dealt with accordingly

  • Future expiries - set up new expiry for the cancelled customer for future marketing

  • Customer owner - assign the customer record to telesales user to contact them at the appropriate time

Accessing the Customer Cancellation Tool

To start the cancellation process, open the customer record, and select Begin Cancellation from the Actions menu. When prompted, confirm that you would like to proceed with the cancellation.

The tool will open as shown below:

You can see the status of each action that may need to be taken - in this example, you can see that one sales order is still open. Sections with a green circle do not require further action, whereas sections with a red circle do.

Please note that opening the tool will indicate that the customer is pending cancellation. The status will change to Live (PC).

This will be displayed on a banner at the top of the customer record. You can click View cancellation to reopen the tool.

This allows you to complete the cancellation in stages.

Using the Customer Cancellation Tool

Please note the controls at the bottom of the window. Use the refresh icon if changes have been made, to make sure you are seeing up-to-date statuses.

Remove Cancellation will abort the cancellation process and remove the flag from the record.

Process will complete the cancellation.

The following sections should be addressed before cancellation occurs:

Cancellation reasons - a free-text field to enter the reasons for cancellation. An additional field is supplied for extra information if required.

Ownership - you may wish to reassign the record to another user to a telesales user so that they follow up in the future. Click Perform Now to execute the assignment.

Future Expiry - the expectation is that you will create an expiry against the customer record, in order to serve as a reminder for future sales opportunities. This section will be considered as complete as long as at least one future expiry is present. Click on Manage to be taken to the Expiries tab and click on + Add new record if required. Make sure to enter the correct (future) date.

Assets - for this section to be complete, all customer assets must be ceased. In this example, two assets must be ceased. Clicking on Manage will take you to the Assets tab of the customer record.

Open the asset records in question and enter a Cease Date. You should also untick the Live box.

Cases - all cases for this customer must be closed in order to complete this section. Click on Manage to open the Cases tab.

Opportunities - this field will be complete when all customer opportunities are marked as either won, lost, or cancelled Click on Manage to open the Opportunities tab.

Quotations - all quotations must be in a closed state i.e. won, lost, expired, or cancelled. Click on Manage to be taken to the Quotations tab.

Sales Orders - all sales order must be in a completed or cancelled state. Click on Manage to go to the Sales Orders tab.

Customer Mood - you may wish to capture the general mood of the customer by selecting one of the options here. This can be useful in future conversations with that customer.

After clicking on Process, you'll be prompted to confirm the action.

Doing so will change the owner of the customer record, change the status of the customer record to Cancelled and will trigger the cancellation notification to selected user (per your workflow set up).

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