Sites in The Layer are designed to help manage Lead or Customer data over their multiple business office locations. The sites can be linked to Addresses, Contacts and Assets.

Sites can be linked to a range of different record types:

  • Addresses

  • Contacts

  • Assets

  • Opportunities

  • Quotations

  • Quotation Items

  • Sales Orders

  • Sales Order Items

A site can be classified as a Subsite by assigning a parent site to it.

Managing sites

Select Manage - Sites from a Customer or Lead record to view existing sites, or create or edit existing ones.

Sites are displayed alphabetically, grouped with any subsites.

When adding a new record, you can enter the following information for each site:

  • Name - Site name

  • Parent Site - Select a parent site here, if appropriate. This will indicate that the site is a subsite.

  • Site Integration ID - This column will only be available if your instance of The Layer is configured to integrate with another billing system. This must correspond with the data on the external system.

  • Site Ref - You can elect to enter an internal reference for the site. If you do not enter a site reference, it will default to the site name.

  • Description - Information for your internal purposes only.

  • Default - You can mark this as a default site for that customer or lead record.

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