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Scheduling a phone call task
Scheduling a phone call task

How to add a phone call task to a lead or customer record

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Phone call tasks can be created against a lead or record, in order to act as a reminder and / or record for a phone call.

From the customer or lead record, select Phone Call from the New Task menu.

Populate the fields as follows. Please note that the fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. When the fields are populated, click Create.


This will be the title of the call. If left blank it will default to Call and then the number chosen.


Either chose the contacts number from the drop sown menu or manually type it in. We recommend always adding numbers to contacts so this information is captured.

Priority *

The priority of the call - low, medium, high, or urgent.


Chose the direction of the call from the following options:

Outgoing- Proof Chase up
Outgoing Appointment Chase Up
Outgoing- Opportunity Chase Up
Outgoing - General
Outgoing - General
Outgoing- Quotation Chase up
Outgoing - General
Outgoing- Fact find
Outgoing - General
Outgoing - General
Outgoing Appointment Chase Up

User *

The Layer user who will make the call.


This should only be ticked when the call has been made. When it is ticked you will then be asked to fill in the outcome of the call.


Chose the outcome of the call from the drop down menu. N.B. You can add your own outcomes via the settings area.

Call Date *

The scheduled time and date of the call. Tip: you can use the shortcuts on the right hand side for set times.

Notify immediately

This should be ticked when you would like an email notification to be sent to the assignee as soon as the call is scheduled.

Notify on due date

This should be ticked when you would like an email notification to be sent to the assignee on the scheduled day of the call.


Any notes about the call that you would like to add.


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