Merging lead or customer records

This can be a convenient way to handle duplicate records

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Users with the role Merge Records can merge Lead or Customer records. This will let you move, for example, contacts, tasks and files from one record to another. This can be useful if you have duplicate lead records in your system.

Leads can be merged with other leads, and customers can be merged with other customers. You cannot merge a customer and lead record together.

Access the record that you would like to merge into another. Then open the Actions menu and select either Merge Lead Record or Merge Customer Record.

Choose the lead you want to merge the current one into, and select which aspects you'd like to carry over.

Please note the option to Delete Lead After Merge / Delete Customer After Merge. This is enabled by default.

After clicking Merge, you'll be shown a confirmation message to notify you of merges and any deletion.

Please also note that core field data cannot be merged, e.g. Source, Status, Employees, Area etc.

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