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Linking assets to new opportunities
Linking assets to new opportunities

Assets can be linked to new opportunities to enable a number of features

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Customer assets can be mapped to new services on a quotation. This forms a link that is carried through to the sales order stage. This is useful for keeping track of renewed and upgraded items.

Adding an existing asset to a new or existing opportunity

Customer assets can be added to an opportunity in a few different ways.

1. From the customer record - Assets tab.

2. From an Asset stack (renewals stack):

You can drag the Customer column to the top of the table to filter by customers, as below. You can also use the Check All button to select all assets to be renewed for specific customers.

This leads to the following view:

Here you can see details of the asset, including figures for the remaining revenue and profit. These values are used for deal termination calculations.

You can choose to add the services to an existing opportunity, or create a new one, as below.

Please note the Open Opps field, which will highlight any opportunities that the service has already been linked to.

Once you have done this, the assets will be detailed on the Customer Service Assets tab of the opportunity record.

Use the Quotations tab to create a quotation off the back of this opportunity, or create an opportunity and link it to this one during creation.

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