Merging product categories

A tool to help you combine product categories

Written by Raymond Carrel
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The Base Category Merge Tool can be used to combine base product categories. This is not an action that should be carried out lightly or without due consideration, as it cannot be reversed.

The tool works by moving the subcategories and inventory items from one base category into another. Essentially, the moved subcategories simply have their parent category updated.

Accessing the merge tool

The tool must be enabled first from Settings - Company Setup - Customisations.

Administrators can then access the tool from Settings, via the Manage Categories button.

You may wish to disable the tool after using it.

Using the tool and understanding what it does

The Source Base Category will be merged into the Target Base Category.

Two additional options are provided. The first, enabled, will have the empty source base category deleted after the operation. If you don't enable this, you can always manually delete it later.

The second lets you specify a suffix that will be added to subcategory names only in the event of duplicates.

Once the merge has been performed, a summary transcript will be shown.

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