Managing lead sub-statuses

Information on configuring sub-statuses for lead records

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

It's possible to define your own sub-statuses for lead records, providing visibility of the exact stage of the lead based on your own processes.

Each sub-status must be attached to one of the four existing statuses - New, Contacted, Qualified and Disqualified.

This encourages more detail and personalisation. If a sub-status is required for more than one status they can be created separately against each status.

To create or amend a status, go to Settings - Lead Status.

You'll be presented with a list detailing the four main lead statuses. Each of these can be expanded to see details of any sub-statuses.

Use the + icon to define a new status, the pencil icon to edit an existing one, or the X to remove one.

You'll be able to access a sub-status from a lead record on the Home tab.

Sub-status can be seen in lead work stacks, and reports such as the All Leads report.

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