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Understanding the One-off Subsidy Fund
Understanding the One-off Subsidy Fund

An overview of the One-Off Subsidy Fund

Written by Vijaya Tymerri
Updated over a week ago

Subsidies can be added as a one-off fund to The Layer for a full term. This information can be displayed under the Financial Summary section of the Quote or even in specific columns.

How to add a One-off Subsidy Fund?

To add a one-off fund to the Quote:

To add a subsidy, click on the relevant service line item in the Quote as a sales user.

You will be presented with the below option: The Edit Line-Item window

  • Under the Recurring Subsidy sections, select the Type: Term Subsidy, add the one-off subsidy fund, and Save.

This subsidy fund is then displayed on the Quote in the:

  • Quote line under Subsidy

  • The table on the breakdown of funds on the right shows all subsidies applied to the quotation

  • Bottom line as Total Discount

Quotation Builder Screen
  • In the Profit & Turnover breakdown: To view this, click on Deal Profit at the bottom right

  • In the finance report under Discounts, Subsidies & Terminations

Amend Subsidy

The subsidy amount can be amended on the Quote either by clicking on the:

  • Relevant service line item

  • On the overall breakdown section on the right of the Quotation builder screen

Quote to Sales Order conversion

Once the quote is signed the sales order is created with the subsidy funds.

The provisioning team or finance team, depending on the permission * has the option to amend the Subsidy fund if required.

Note: Only users with the permission ‘Update Sales Order Financial Incentives’ can amend applied subsidies.

The subsidy can be amended via

  • Order item tab, click on the respective service line item.

  • Header tab, under the financial incentives section

Selecting the Start Date of the Subsidy

On the conversion screen, you can specify the date when the subsidy payment should be commencing. The Delay specified within the quotation will be respected.

Convert to a Customer Subsidy Fund

Once the subsidy is scheduled you will not be able to amend it via the sales order. This will only be possible via Finance transactions in the customer record.

After the subsidy has been converted from the sales order, the customer balance is updated accordingly. The customer balance can be located on the left of the Sales Order screen.

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