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Will I lose access to my expiry if my delegated access runs out?
Will I lose access to my expiry if my delegated access runs out?

We have provided an option that may help with management of expiries for users with delegated access

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

If you create a non-managed expiry for a customer or lead to which you have been delegated access, you may find that your access is no longer active by the time the expiry comes around.

Depending on your own business practices, this may or may not be an issue.

We provide a system-wide setting around this, which may be useful, and this can be activated or deactivated by users with administrator access.

Within Settings - Company Setup, under Tenant-Specific Settings, you will see the Expiries Extend Delegated Access option.

If this is enabled, a user with delegated access to a record will have that access extended to cover any expiries they create. This will only happen if the expiry date is after the delegated access end date.

Please note that this setting will affect all users, and that we use the expiry creator, not the owner, for determining affected access.

Delegation extension length

The length of this extension can be configured in the ‘Defaults’ tab of Company Setup.

With a value of 10, as above, the delegated access would extend 10 days beyond the day of the expiry.

Viewing delegated access details

Delegated access can be reviewed from the Access tab on a customer or lead record.

Viewing expiry details

Expiries can be managed from the Expiries tab.

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