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Assigning Watchers to a case
Assigning Watchers to a case

Both internal users and external contacts can opt in to service case updates

Written by Raymond Carrel
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It is possible to assign both internal and external contacts as watchers to a service case.

Whenever a note is added and the check box for both Notify watchlist and Visible to customer are selected as shown below, external watchers will be sent an update containing the details of the note.

Internal watchers will receive updates for any case notes where Notify watchlist is checked.

External watchers must have already been added as contacts for the customer record.

Adding a case watcher to a case

Click on the Watchers icon in the top-right corner of the case.

The Case Watchers dialogue will open

The first tab will detail your own users, and the second will list any customer contacts.

Check the names as required.

Configuring Default Case Watchers

A customer contact can be indicated as a case watcher by default. This will mean that they receive updates for all cases for their business without the need to add them to each case.

This could be used for larger clients with multiple contacts in the customer record, and one or two key contacts who manage the contract.

To do this:

  1. Open the Contacts Tab within the customer record.

  2. Click on your customer contacts gravatar/image.

  3. Check the box next to Case Watcher.

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