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Understanding SLA and non-SLA case statuses
Understanding SLA and non-SLA case statuses

Information on how you can configure an on-hold case status to pause the SLA timer

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Depending on your processes, you may wish for certain case statuses to pause the SLA count.

For example, if there is a blocker that is outside of your company's control e.g. a resource is unavailable, or a supplier experiencing delays.

Usually, this will correspond with On-hold case statuses e.g. "Waiting on Supplier".

The Layer allows you to mark certain case statuses as Non-SLA. When a case is assigned such a status, The Layer will stop counting the time for the SLA. This may provide a more accurate view of your service user's responsiveness.

Case Statuses

The case statuses present in The Layer can be divided into two groups - Open and Completed.

Open Case Statuses

  • In Progress

  • New

  • Open

  • Waiting on Customer

  • Waiting on Internal

  • Waiting on Supplier

Completed Case Statuses:

  • Completed

  • Duplicate

  • Incomplete

  • Won't Fix

Cases in a completed case state will be considered closed. Because of this, only open case statuses can be assigned Non-SLA status.

Marking a case status as Non-SLA

From Settings, administrators can access Case On Hold Statuses.

From here, you can split the statuses between the two groups as required.

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