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Using Calendar Conflict to assist with scheduling
Using Calendar Conflict to assist with scheduling
Written by Michaela Gormanova
Updated over a week ago

Calendar conflict was created to provide schedulers with an option to overbook Layer users. E.g. if user has an internal recurring appointment which he/she are happy to skip due to an important customer meeting the scheduler is able to overbook the user.


The overbooking for selected user is only allowed when this feature is enabled.

In this example anybody will be able to book two or more appointments for Chester Tester.

Visibility of conflict while booking an appointment

Person creating an appointment will be presented with the details of the conflict appointment, therefore should be able to make a decision if it's ok to overbook the selected user.

Simply tick the button 'Create conflicting appointment' and save.

Unable to override calendar conflict

If user doesn't have the 'Allow calendar schedule conflict' enabled, nobody is able to double book them. Therefore scheduler is forced to chose a different time or date.

See short video below

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