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This calendar allows users to quickly and easily schedule appointments

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Permission required

The permission required for the 'Global' view of the calendar for all teams is 'Resource Planner'

Users without this permission will not be able to access 'Team' and 'Business Unit' calendars.

How to set up Team and Business Unit Calendars

Calendar views can be customised as your company finds necessary. This can be achieved via two different routes:


Select which users belong to the team and decide whether their calendar should be visible in the global calendar view or while creating appointments by activating or deactivating the 'Hide in Scheduler' option. By activating this option the calendar will be hidden from view.

Example for when you would like the team's calendar to be hidden could be a team of managers e.g. Managing Director or Sales managers and their calendar already shows as a part of a Sales Team calendar.

Business Units

Business units can be looked at as departments within your company. For more information, read this article.

Similar to teams decide if any of the business units should be visible in calendar view.

Resource Planner usability

Global access to resource planner

Accessible from the top bar:

Access to resource planner from appointment screen

While creating an appointment you can use any of the following views:

  • individual calendar view next to the attendee name

  • team calendar from the list

  • business unit calendar from the list

Click on the most relevant calendar to view users' availability.

Use select and drag option to create an appointment

Find the best suited time for the internal users and use the to select and drag feature to create an appointment quickly.

Resource planner arrange options

From resource planner calendar view you are able to switch between the view of current week, work week, agenda view and move back and forth with arrows next to the selected dates.

Show full day will also present you with the full day calendar view instead of working hours.

Black arrow in the calendar view

Black arrow suggests that there is an earlier or later appointment which is not being presented in the selected view.

Click on 'Show full day' in the calendar view if all appointments are not presented.

Global Resource Planner

The global resource planner is providing schedulers with more flexibility:

  • option to filter attendees

  • option to filter types of calendar entries like appointment, phone call, user calendar (the exchange calendar appointments)

  • option to filter the view by task statuses where available.

See the short video below:

Please note that it is not possible to create a new appointment from the global resource planner view.

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