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Using the Average Case Ratings widget
Using the Average Case Ratings widget

This widget is great for getting a picture of overall case ratings

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

The Average Case Ratings widget can be used to get a picture of customer case ratings on a user or team basis.

This widget will show the lowest case rating for a given period, the highest, and an average of all case ratings. These can be filtered in numerous ways.


There are a number of configuration options for this widget. Users with the required role can click the cog icon on the widget to change these settings.

Title - Widget duplicates can be renamed to reflect their configuration e.g. " user" or "...this month". Please note that this will change the name for all users.

Display Items - Maximum number of lines shown for this widget. Please make sure this is high enough to include everything you need, or you may miss data and see incomplete totals.

Timespan Type - Choose between day / week / month / quarter / year. Please note that these refer to calendar periods

Initial Offset - You can choose to apply an offset to the filtered period, e.g. show two months behind, 3 weeks ahead etc. The unit of time will match the timespan type. This value determines the beginning of the chosen timespan.

Initial Span - Choose the timespan to be reflected, based on the timespan type chosen - e.g. 10 days, 2 weeks etc. Again, please keep in mind that this refers to calendar periods. If you want to ignore calendar periods, please use days as your timespan type.

  • Use this in combination with Initial Offset to create a view of a rolling period. For example, a span of 3 months with an offset of -3 months will show you the last three calendar months.

  • A span of 14 days with an initial offset of 14 days will show you results for the last 14 days, ignoring calendar weeks.

  • Conversely, a span of 2 weeks with an initial offset of 2 weeks will show you results from the last two calendar weeks.

Group Type - Determines how results will be grouped. You can either use Username or Team. The selection will be used for display only. Filtering can be done by either user or team, regardless of how results are grouped.

Date Filter - You can choose to use either case creation or case close date for filtering purposes.


  • Users

  • Teams

  • Include / Exclude Internal (based on case category)

  • Case Categories

  • Case Sub-Categories

  • Priorities

  • Request Types

  • My View (if enabled, this will show results for the current user only)

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