Part of the sales management is not only to monitor winning deals, but also to monitor reasons for losing your potential deals.

Defining opportunity loss reasons

Within the Layer there is an area where loss reasons can be created for the purpose of reporting on losses.

Settings - Opportunity Loss Reasons

Losing an opportunity

Change the Status of an opportunity to Lost. The Customer Loss Reasons and Suspected Loss Reasons dropdowns will be populated by the reasons defined in your system - you can choose multiples for each

You can Create Tasks as a follow-up, for example:

  • Create future call: create a future phone call to contact the customer and find out if they are happy with the deal

  • Create a new expiry: by creating a new non-managed expiry you ensure that the customer will be added to your expiry stacks so that you have a better chance of winning their business come renewal time

Creating a work stack for lost opportunities

You may find it useful to create a work stack to pull together lost opportunities for yourself, another user or all users.

You can then export this work stack for your own processing.

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