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Using the duplicate checker

How to use the Duplicate Checker to check for potential duplicate lead and customer records.

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

The Duplicate Checker is an app within The Layer that aims to detect possible duplication of Lead and Customer records.

It compliments the existing in-line duplicate checker you may see when creating a new lead or customer record. The duplicate checker will compare records already on the system. This means it's especially useful for records that have been created in and sent from another system.

Permissions and Access

Permission to access the Duplicate Checker can be granted by enabling "Apps - Duplicate Checker" in the "Add-ons" section of User Role Configuration within Settings.


The Actions that may be performed on a duplicate change depends on the duplicate type. There are two types of duplicate.

Duplicate Type 1 - Lead to Lead

When two Lead records are flagged, you have the following options:

Merge Source to Duplicate – migrating contact details, address etc. from Source Entity to Duplicate Entity. The user has an option to remove the Source record after the merge. Please note that the deletion of the source entity will remove all other possible duplicate entries in the app.

Merge Duplicate to Source – migrating the contact details, address etc. from Duplicate Entity to Source Entity. The user once again has an option to remove the Duplicate Entity from The Layer after merge. Please note that the deletion of the Duplicate Entity will also remove other possible duplicate entries from the app.

Discard All Type – by selecting this action the user will remove all duplicate reasons linked to Source Entity.

Note: this is not reversible therefore it should be used only when user is certain that none of the duplicates linked to the Source Entity are real duplicates.

Delete and Reject - deletes the source entity, and also sends an email to the notification Scheme “Lead - Rejected”

Delete – this option will simply delete the Source Entity from The Layer.

Note: this is an irreversible action, therefore use only when absolutely certain that you want to remove the lead record from the system.

Discard Check – this action is very useful when user wants to remove only one duplicate entry at the time.

Type 2 - Lead to Customer

This type has fewer options, as we are not able to migrate leads to customers at the moment. The functionality is exactly the same as above for the options that are present (Discard All Type, Delete and Reject, Delete, Discard Check).

Source Entity and Duplicate Entity

The Source Entity is the most recently added record to The Layer. The Layer has highlighted that there is an existing lead with potentially the same data (Duplicate Entity).

The Duplicate Entity is the record that already existed on The Layer and is now a potential duplicate of a new record.

Duplicate Reasons

The following fields are used as the basis for flagging a potential duplicate:

  • Company Name

  • Contact Phone Number

  • First/Last Name

  • Email

  • Post Code

Duplicate Type

Lead to Lead

Highlighted duplicate is between 2 lead records.

Lead to Customer

The highlighted duplicate is between a lead and a customer record, this type provides users with different actions available. Doesn’t allow merging of the records.

Example of a Potential Duplicate

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