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Logging time against cases
Logging time against cases
Written by Raymond Carrel
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Our customer cases support time logging, meaning that you can keep a record of how much time has been spent against each case.

Note - if you have Maintenance and Support Plans enabled, please also check this article.

Time entry

Time spent is entered by way of a free-type box. You can enter a string representing any combination of:

  • minutes

  • days

  • weeks

  • months

  • years

For example:

  • 15m

  • 2h

  • 2h 30m

  • 2w

  • 2w 1d


Information relating to the time logged can be entered in the Notes field. This will show against the time entry, and also automatically create a case note with that text, as well as how much time was logged

As with any other note, you may choose to make the note customer visible, and to notify the watchlist.

You can click on the Notes link against the time entry to see any notes for that particular entry. You can also see the note alongside any other case notes from the usual notes link on the case record view.

Editing Case Time Entries

Users with permission to edit logged time can do so with the pencil icon. You will now be prompted to enter a note for the edit. This will be stored against the line alongside the original note.

Case time reporting

The Case Time Tracker report can be used to export a detailed account of logged case time.

Case work stacks

Time logged against a case can be seen under the Time column in any case work stack.

User roles

The following user roles affect case time entry:

Allow Retrospective Case Time Addition

Users in this group can create case time for previous dates

Delete Case Time Entries

Users in this group can delete the case time entries

Edit Case Time Entries

Users in this group can edit case time entries

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