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Selecting an email template
Selecting an email template

Tags can be used to help you organise and find email templates

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Email Templates allow for easy population of predetermined email content and attachments when sending an email from The Layer.

When composing an email from The Layer, you can select a template through one of two ways:

  • Choosing the template from the drop-down menu

  • Using the Template Browser to locate, preview, and select the desired template

    • This is accessed via the magnifying glass button

Template Browser

The template browser has several benefits.

  • The ability to filter out templates by selecting specific tags

  • A preview option, which allows you to preview the contents of a template without loading it into your email

  • The ability to quickly edit a template, if you have the required permissions

  • A search bar to filter out templates by name

Filter with tags

Clicking on a tag on the left-side panel will filter the template list to show only templates with any of the selected tags. This uses an OR operator, so only one tag needs to be present.

See below for information on creating and assigning tags.

Click on All to reset the filters.

Note that a template will only show if it's of general type, or has the type associated with the current record type e.g. sales order, customer.

Template preview and edit

Clicking on a template name will load a preview of it into the right-side frame:

If you have the ability to edit templates from Settings, then you will also see the Edit button here. Clicking this will open the template for editing in another tab.

If you make any changes, make sure to click the refresh button in the bottom-right of the preview frame to update it.

Click Select to close the template browser and load the selected template, along with any attachments associated with it.

Configuring tags

Creating a tag

The Tags area of Settings lets you create, edit, and assign tags.

Click on New Tag to define a new tag.

The Name can be more than one word.

To make the tag available to email templates, check the Email Template box. You can also make the tag available to your Knowledgebase articles if appropriate.

Clicking on a tag name from the list will let you edit that tag's properties.

Assigning a tag to an email template

From Settings - Mail Templates, you can see a list of existing email templates.

Any tags already assigned can be seen in the Tags column.

Click on a template name to edit it. Below the text area you can use the tags menu to select one or more relevant tag.

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