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Self-Managed Backup Tool
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Introducing the Self-Managed Backup Tool, a feature designed to improve your data management capabilities. This guide will walk you through the Self-Managed Backup Tool, highlighting its functionalities, benefits, and how you can leverage it to secure your data effectively.

Overview of the Backup Configurator Tool

The Backup Configurator Tool is a feature within The Layer that allows users to set up, manage, and monitor custom backups, powered by Data Manager. It offers a seamless interface for creating backup schedules, choosing backup types, and specifying destinations for the backups. One of the key functionalities of this tool is its ability to facilitate optional data exports to AWS instances, providing users with the flexibility to restore their data to a new or existing Layer account from their external cloud service.

Key Features

Data Manager aligned Backup Types

Backup Types

The tool supports uploading data to AWS cloud services. This ensures that your data is stored on your own bucket, out with your Layer account.

Follow these steps to signing up for your AWS account, and creating an S3 bucket.

Flexible Backup Frequencies

With the Backup Configurator Tool, you can schedule backups to run at different frequencies—hourly, daily, or weekly. This flexibility allows you to tailor your backup schedule to your data usage patterns and risk management strategies.

Real-time Backup Management

The tool is equipped with a user-friendly grid interface that displays all your backup configurations in one place. You can easily view details about each backup, such as type, frequency, last run, and status, enabling you to manage your backups effectively.

Dynamic Configuration Options

Depending on the selected backup type, the tool dynamically updates to present the relevant configuration options. This ensures a streamlined setup process, as you're only prompted to provide information necessary for the chosen backup type.

Automated Updates and Notifications

The Backup Configurator Tool is designed to refresh the backup data source periodically, ensuring that the information displayed is always up-to-date. Additionally, the tool provides instant feedback and notifications about the success or failure of backup operations, keeping you informed at all times.

ISO 27001 Alignment

Our Self-Managed Backup Tool is designed to align with ISO 27001 standards, ensuring top-tier data security and compliance. Key features include robust access controls via password security, encryption for data in transit and at rest via AWS. The tool works on the premise that you control your own data, to ensure that your business meets stringent regulatory requirements while safeguarding your data with off-site storage on AWS.

Getting Started

To begin using the Backup Configurator Tool, navigate to the Layer Settings within your account then head into your Company Settings. Here, you'll find the Backup option, where you can start setting up your backup configurations.


The Backup Configurator Tool is a powerful addition to the Layer platform, designed to meet the evolving data management needs of businesses. By leveraging this tool, you can ensure that your data is backed up securely, compliant with regulatory standards, and readily available when needed. Start exploring the Backup Configurator Tool today and take a significant step towards enhancing your data backup and recovery strategies.

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