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Granting full or partial access to Settings
Granting full or partial access to Settings

How to enable Settings access for a user

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Access to the Settings area of The Layer can be granted to a specific user either in part or in full.

We recommend only granting full access to a limited number of users. However, you may find it beneficial to grant some users limited access, based on their job role and responsibilities.

Full access

Full access is controlled with the Settings user role. To grant this access to another user, go to Settings - Users, and click on the user's name. Then, open the Roles tab and locate the Settings role under Modules.

Note that any user with the CRM Administrator role will have settings access by default.

Partial access

To provide access to one or more individual parts of Settings, you should instead open the Settings Items tab on the user's record.

Check the box next to the required Settings components. These are grouped by function, though you may wish to check the full list to make sure you enable all required components. Click Save.

The user will be able to access Settings from the link in the top-right of their screen. They will then see a Settings area with only the sections you selected.

Please note that the user may need to log out and in to see this.

In the image above, a user has been granted access to service-related settings.

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