Managing Widget Groups

Creating, amending, and removing users and widgets from dashboard widget groups.

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Creating and Amending Widget Groups

Widgets can be added either individually to a user’s dashboard or via a widget group. The latter is especially useful when you want to assign widgets to a team or specific role.

A widget group is essentially a selection of widgets that together form a dashboard view. You may switch between your available widget groups from the arrow next to your company's logo.

Administrators can create and manage widget groups from Settings - Widgets - Dashboard Widget Groups.

This will show you a summary of widget groups present. From here you can add, delete or amend them.

Creating a Widget Group

Click New Dashboard Group.

On the first tab of the next screen you can name your dashboard group - this will show in the dashboard selection menu for all users with access.

The second tab lets you select the widgets that will be part of this group, as well as the default positioning of that widget.

Widgets can be assigned to either the left or the right side, or across the full width of the dashboard.

You have the option to Sort the widgets and determine the order of the appearance. Entering a higher number into the Order box will push the widget lower down the screen.

Widgets with Full position set will always appear before Left or Right widgets.

You can use negative numbers to bring a widget nearer the top. If you are happy with default positioning for most widgets but would prefer to bring a specific widget to the top, you can set that widget sort to -1 and leave the rest at 0.

Make sure to Save your changes.

Providing a user with access to a widget group

Administrators can assign widget groups to a user from Settings - Users and clicking on the user's name, then accessing the Widgets tab.

The Dashboard Widget Groups tab will let you select widget groups for that user. The Dashboard Widgets tab to its left lets you make individual widgets available to users.

If at any point you would like to remove them from this widget group, you can reenter into their user and de-select them from the widget group.

Please note that users with the required role will be able to tweak the positioning of their widgets within their copy of the dashboard, but these changes will not affect other users.

Changes made from area shown above will be specific to the current user only, where they can rearrange their own widgets using the Order column, which works the same way as the Sort column mentioned previously.

Removing a widget from a widget group

When removing a widget from a Dashboard Widget Group, follow the same path to Settings - Widgets - Dashboard Widget Groups.

From here, select the widget group you would like to amend, go into the Widgets tab, and deselect any widgets you would like to remove from the group.

Make sure to go to the bottom of the screen and Save.

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