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O2 Proposition Pro Integration
O2 Proposition Pro Integration

Reduce re-keying of data, and improve accuracy of orders placed

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This integration helps organisations simplify the creation of O2 proposals & contracts via Proposition Pro. πŸ“„

The main objective of this integration is to reduce re-keying of data, and improve accuracy of orders placed.

What you'll need

  • Proposition API key - you can get this from your O2 account manager

  • Layer Functions - if you don't have access, speak to your Layer account manager

Note: This integration is built on our Functions framework, meaning any developer could have built it on our platform. If you're a developer, and want to built integrations, get in touch. πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

Feature Highlights

The following functionality is available after installation:

  • Synchronising customers between Layer & Proposition Pro

  • Synchronising sites between Layer & Proposition Pro

  • Synchronising contacts between Layer & Proposition Pro

  • View Proposition Pro customer proposals within Layer customer & sales orders

  • Create proposals on Proposition Pro via Layer Sales Orders

  • Create EECC-compliant contracts directly from within Layer

  • Visibility of the status updates of an Proposition Pro order

Getting started - initial setup

To install O2 Proposition Pro integration, head to Functions within Settings, and then click on Script Store in the top-right of the screen:

Next, click on Proposition API, which should install this script group for you.

You'll then need to enter the your API key & the URL into each of the functions that require it. These will be shown in the next window under the Propositions API tab. Click on the function name to enter the details.

Please note that the script name(s) may differ from what is shown here.

Once you've done this, you're ready to start exploring the feature.

Preparing your Inventory

If you're importing your products & services manually (we have an API importer available too, ask your account manager if you'd like this to be set up), you'll need to use the ExternalSKU column to match the SKU of the O2 tariff you're connecting. You'll also need to set the Billing Route to O2.

Once you've got this ready, just import and manage your inventory as normal.

Next up, go and build an O2 quote as normal. We don't need it quite yet, but we will come back to this during the rest of this guide.

Syncing Customers

There are two ways to sync customers

  • Do this manually each time you have an O2 Order (recommended)

  • Import API application links

If you're syncing customers "Just in Time-style" (the first option), then you'll see a Sync Proposition Customer button appear on the left hand side of the customer screen.

If the customer is already synced, you'll see this screen:

If not, you'll see this:

Click the Continue button.

Once you click this, the system will gather a list of Proposition Pro customers suitable for creating this relationship against.

Select the relevant company and click Create. You'll see the creation results displayed as shown:

The customer record is now synced. You can unlink the record using the button on the left, if you ever need to do so.

Now we can create sites or contacts in a similar way.

Syncing Contacts

It's possible to sync a selection of contacts from The Layer to Proposition Pro.

Hit Sync Proposition Contacts, and you'll see a list of contacts supported for exchange.

If you want to sync, hit Next, and you'll have the option to select which ones you want to send over, including an option to attach them to a specific site.

You'll then be redirected to the main page, where you can see which contacts are in sync.

With the configuration and syncing done, we can now look at how to view and create proposals on Proposition Pro.

Viewing Proposals

If you've already created proposals for this customer, and want to see the status, hit View Proposals and you'll see a live feed of all current proposals against that customer on Proposition. You'll also have a link directly out to the portal where you can manage them directly.

This screen is very useful, and lets you manage all current proposals directly in your Layer customer account, including visibility of advanced properties.

Creating Proposals

When you convert your quotation to a sales order, you'll see a completely new set of options appear on the action bar:

If there are any valid items, you'll see these at the top of this view:

For any invalid items, you'll see the reason as to why they can't be transmitted:

If you're ready to go, press Continue on the multi-stage function.

Next, you'll need to select a Proposition contact to attribute to this proposal.

After you hit Submit, the proposal will be submitted to the API and created.

If you see any errors, they'll be displayed here, e.g:

If you need further clarity on the error, please contact your Proposition Pro account contact.

Sending Contracts

You may wish to manage the next step from Proposition Pro by clicking through to the proposal:

Alternatively, you can use The Layer's Proposition contract sync to create your contract directly within The Layer.

Once you've done what you need to do on Proposition Pro, you can head back to The Layer to track & produce your contracts.

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