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Understanding the Exchange Touch App
Understanding the Exchange Touch App

This article offers and explanation of how your team can utilise the Exchange Touch app

Written by Chris Smith
Updated over a week ago

What is the Exchange Touch app?

The Exchange Touch app is a feature that can pull emails between people from your team, and the contacts against Customer records, through to The Layer.

The emails are stored against the customer record.

You can click on the email subject to view the email body, and other details.

How to set up the Exchange Touch app

There are two components to setting up the Exchange Touch app:

  • Enabling the Exchange Touch app for the mail agents of the users that will have their communications with contacts pulled through to the Layer.

  • Granting permissions to users to view the communications that are pulled through using the Exchange Touch app.

Enabling the Exchange touch app for your users

You can enable the Exchange Touch app for a user's communications to be pulled through against a customer record by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings area by clicking on Settings in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

  2. Click into Mail Agents in the Mail & SMS section on the right.

  3. Click on the Mail Agent of the user that you would like to enable the Exchange touch app for.

  4. Enable the Exchange Touch app by selecting 'Exchange Archive' tick box in the Mail Agent settings:

The emails between this mail agent and any emails associated with contacts of customer records on The Layer will now be stored against the relevant customer record.

Granting permission to view the communications pulled in via the Exchange Touch app

Just because a user has the setting enabled in their mail agent, they won't be able to view the emails against a customer record unless they have the Apps - Exchange Touch permission granted against their user profile.

To enable permissions for a user, follow the instructions in this article here.

Once a user has this permission enabled, they are able to view the communications between a contact and a user by accessing the customer record that the contact is associated with, and then selecting 'Apps' in the top bar:

You may have more Apps listed here depending on your version of The Layer. Select 'Exchange Touch' to view the emails between the enabled mail agents and the contacts against the record.

Potential risk

A potential risk of enabling this feature is that private emails may be pulled through into The Layer for the visibility of others. Some organisations will only enable this feature for their Pre-sales and Sales users and only allow the permission to view the communications for Management to avoid sharing sensitive information accidentally.

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