Creating a new lead

How to create a new lead record

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New leads can be added by clicking New at the bottom-left of the screen.

To create the lead follow these steps:

Select New Lead from the pop-up.

Populate all of the information in the New Lead window. Mandatory details are indicated with an asterisk.

  • Company Name - this is a mandatory field. In case the company name is not known, consider using the contact name e.g. for sole traders or consumers

  • First Name / Last Name - the name of the key contact.

  • Business Telephone - this is a mandatory field - this will populate the telephone field against the lead record

  • Contact Telephone - this will populate the telephone field against the key contact specified above.

  • Email address - This must be added before any emails can be sent.

  • Area - this will allow you to focus on leads within a certain area once you have built your leads up.

  • Source - this is a mandatory field. When a lead is referred, the Lead Source can be identified using the drop-down menu.

  • Owner – this needs to be updated in order for your work stacks to show correct data. This defaults to the user that's currently logged in.

You can also add an address. Select the Address Type and fill in any known fields.

Note: An address must be logged before any appointments can be booked.

You can create an opportunity at this stage as well. Click the Add button to open the Opportunity editor.

For a better understanding of how to create an opportunity and for further details about the fields within the opportunity, check this article.

Once you've entered all of the details, click Save Click Yes to open the lead.

All relevant data that is available should be added to the lead record, e.g. contacts, email address, address etc.

At the point of the initial call to the lead, any existing information can also be verified and added/updated.

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