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Automating lead creation with Zapier
Automating lead creation with Zapier

Create leads from other systems using Zapier

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As a supplier of B2B telecoms, you may be working with a marketing automation solution such Keap®️ or HubSpot®️.

If you are, it's vitally important that any hot leads 🌶️ are transitioned over to your Layer sales workflow as quickly as possible, ready to quote and convert before competitors do.

Instead of asking a developer to create a complex integration between the two systems, it's now possible to use The Layer's Zapier application to create new leads, opportunities and contacts from any supported platform.

Examples of use cases include:

  • Reaching a specific stage of qualification within Keap®️

  • Hitting on a specific HubSpot®️ workflow event

  • Adding a line to a Google Sheet or Office file

  • Submitting a WordPress form

This article focusses on the principle of the integration, and demonstrates how you can use the Zapier integration to automatically pass leads from the third party system over to The Layer, in order to complete the sales journey.

Important Note: The Layer's Zapier application is Invite Only, so ask your account administrator for access. 🃏

Let's get started!

Firstly, create a new Zap in Zapier.

Now select the system you want to trigger the event from.

In this case, we're choosing Keap Max Classic, and, using an in-built workflow, are adding a tag "Qualified" to a specific contact in order to state that it's ready for further sales activity.

Next, create an action on Zapier. This determines what we're going to do with the trigger above.

Select The Layer. If it isn't available, contact your account representative with your Zapier registered email address to have this added.

You'll then be asked for developer tokens, which you can generate within The Layer in Settings > Tokens > Token Management.

Upon successful connection, you'll be able to view the account you just connected.

Upon successful connection, you'll see a list of available fields from Zapier, obtained from the Infusionsoft integration, and will be able to map these accordingly.

There are a few places you could slip up here, so here's some advice!

Lead Source will need to be set up in The Layer, and the GUID copied in to the box below in order for the post to succeed.

Once you've set this up, you should be good to test the request:

If you need any support on this feature, contact our support team.

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