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Automatic invoice emailing on finalisation
Automatic invoice emailing on finalisation

Invoices can be automatically sent to the customer

Written by Raymond Carrel
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Invoices can be emailed to customers from an invoice record. The Layer provides an option for the email to be sent as soon as an invoice is finalised.

To use the automatic email feature, it must be enabled by administrator in your instance of The Layer. This is a company-wide setting that affects all users.

The setting is called Enable Auto Mail On Invoice Finalisation, and it can be found in Settings - Edit Company - Customisations.

Auto-email toggle

With this setting enabled, draft invoices will show a Send Invoice on Finalisation control. This will be toggled on by default.

With this toggle enabled (icon is blue), finalising the invoice will trigger the invoice email to the selected customer contact, who is reflected in the Billing Contact field. You can select another contact here if required.

If the toggle is disabled (icon is grey), the invoice will not be sent automatically.

Viewing and changing the email content

The Mail tab lets you preview and amend the content of the email to which the invoice will be attached.

The usual email options are included. You may change the recipients here also.

Scheduling the email for a later time or date

The Send After field lets you specify a later time or date for the email to be sent. The email will only be triggered if the invoice has been finalised.

By default this field will be empty, which means there will be no delay.

This time and date will be respected regardless of whether an automatic or manual email has been requested.

Manually sending or resending the invoice email

The Email Invoice button can be used to manually trigger the invoice email. It can also be used to resend it.

Mail History

The Mail History tab details successful and unsuccessful emails that have been triggered from the invoice. The first column indicates whether the email was automatic or manual.

To investigate any failures you see here, you can check the Mail Triage section of Settings, provided that you have access.

Please note that emails may take a few minutes to appear here after they are triggered.

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