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How to add and deduct customer funds via new transactions
How to add and deduct customer funds via new transactions

Within The Layer you can add different customer fund types to their account.

Written by Caroline Livingstone
Updated over a week ago

When creating a new transaction, it is possible to choose between five different fund types:

  • Hardware Fund

  • Subsidiary Fund

  • General Fund

  • Buyout Fund

  • Rebate Fund

Creating a new transaction can be done through a customer account and selecting New Transaction from the sales drop-down.

Please note: This is the sales drop-down within the customer account rather than the top sales drop-down.

Within the New Transaction pop-up window, to add funds, select Credit (+) in the Direction field and to deduct funds, select Debit (-).

Select the appropriate fund Type from the list of funds provided in the drop-down menu.

The amount and a description can then be added before saving the transaction into the customer account.

From there, the balances for these different fund types can be viewed by scrolling down the customer account to Customer Balances โ€“ which can be found on the left-hand side.

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