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Can I change my username?
Can I change my username?

Information on changing your user details in the event of a change of name

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Once the initial set up of username (shown below) has been completed, it cannot be altered without setting up a new user account.

However, the first and last name can be changed at any time. To do this for your own user account, click either the name or the username as shown above.

This will allow you to edit your details, including name and email address.

Alternatively, administrators can access other user records from Settings - Users.

Mail Agents

If you wish to change mail agent details for a user, this can be done from Settings - Mail Agents. This should only need to be done if

For your own mail agents, you can also access your own profile from the Mail Agents tab of your own record.

If you are using the mail agent setting Connect with user credentials, and have already changed the details on the email client, you will likely need to update your username.

If you are using the Connect with maintenance account option, you should not need to make any changes here.

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