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Monitoring a customer record with Subscriptions
Monitoring a customer record with Subscriptions

Information on how you can receive a daily activity summary for a given customer

Written by Raymond Carrel
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Subscriptions allow you to more easily monitor a specific customer. By subscribing to a customer, you will receive a daily digest email, which will detail the following events for that customer for that day:

  • New Appointments

  • New Phone Calls

  • New Feedback

  • Won Deals

  • Case Created

  • Cases Closed

  • Case Ratings

  • Natter

  • Quote Status Updated

  • Opportunity Lost

  • Opportunity Won

  • Opportunity Created

  • Searches

  • Sales Order Authorised

  • Sales Order Declined

  • Sales Order Approval Request

  • Custom Report Requested

  • Stack Export Requested

Enabling this for at least one customer will trigger a daily digest email to be sent at the end of every day.

The subject of this email will include the total number of updates detailed in the email e.g. "Customer Digest for 25 October - 3 updates".

You receive one email only per day - this will include details for all customers for which you have enabled updates.

Enabling updates for a customer

To enable updates for a customer, access the customer record and click on Subscribe at the top-right of the screen, as shown below.

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