Excel often display large numbers with scientific notation. This can be changed so that the data is displayed in a more useful format.

  • Open a blank Excel document

  • Select ‘Data’ then ‘From Text/CSV’

  • Select the exported file and click ‘Open’

  • The below screen will appear:

  • Click ’Transform Data’ at the bottom

  • The following Power Query Editor screen will then appear:

  • Highlight the column that needs to be converted by clicking the header. It will turn green:

  • On the tool bar select ‘Data Type’ and then ‘Text’ from the drop down:

  • It will then ask the below. Select ‘Replace Current’.

  • The scientific format will then transform into the full decimal numbers.

  • Select ‘Close & Load’ from the task bar

  • This will then create the transformed document in Excel format and the numbers will show correctly.

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