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Managing customer sync with Sage 200 / Intacct integration
Managing customer sync with Sage 200 / Intacct integration

The Customers grid reflects customer sync status

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

The Customers grid is available to users with settings access, and is reachable from the left-hand side menu within the Sage subsection.

This grid provides details of all customer records and their synchronisation status.

  • Synced lets you know if the customer record has ever been synced with Sage.

  • Sage Company will reflect the synced Sage Company name. If you have a configuration involving multiple Sage companies as part of one Sage account, the specific company name for that customer will be shown.

  • Sage Customer ID and Sage Account Number will display for synced companies.

Customer Upload - Upload Template

The Customers Upload function is used to create an initial link between Layer Customers and Sage Customers records. This is expected to be used only for initial integration set-up.

If this link doesn’t exist, we will instead create a Customer in Sage during Sync.

Mandatory columns:

  • CustomerId

  • SageCompanyName

  • SageSiteId

Plus at least one of:

  • SageAccountNumber

  • SageCustomerId

The Synced column is ignored during import.

Customers Export - Export Template

Use this option to export the grid details in Excel format. This can be used as a template for import.

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