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Importing Cease Requests from Affinity
Importing Cease Requests from Affinity

Users with Affinity integration can use an app to cease assets in The Layer

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

The Cease Requests app within The Layer allows import of BT Openreach cease requests from Affinity.

What does a cease request do when received by The Layer?

A successful cease request will set the Cease Date on a Customer Service Asset. If that date is the present or has passed, the asset will also have its Live status unset.

Importing cease requests

The app uses a filtered version of Data Manager. Access to it can be granted to users by way of the Apps - Cease Requests user role.

Accessing the app will bring you to the Import Wizard. Make sure the Cease Request box is checked before clicking Next.

Upload your input file. Please note that the columns we will be using are OBJECTUID and Completed On. However, there is no need to remove the other columns before upload.

Note that the cell range will be detected and displayed. If this looks wrong to you, there may be an issue with your file.

Lock File & Load to confirm.

Note that uploading the same file, or files with the same name within a short period of time, will present a warning. This is a safeguard to reduce the chance of duplication.

Click Next.

On this tab you should map the Selected Fields (i.e. Layer asset fields) with the fields from the input file - OBJECTUID and Completed On.

Make sure to Save Mappings before clicking Next.

The Validate tab will perform checks on the input data and warn of any issues / incompatibility.

Click Run to perform the import.

From the Results tab, you can download a summary of the input results.

Please note that the Quick Assist Code in the top-right is useful if you are reporting any import issues to The Layer customer support.

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