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Multiple Appointment Attendees
Multiple Appointment Attendees

This feature will allows users to add more than one internal appointment attendee to a calendar invite

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Permissions & Requirements

For a user to appear on the appointment attendee drop down list the user needs to have 'Sales Business Unit' enabled. The sales business unit as mapped in the Company Settings.

There are no permissions required to add additional appointment attendees while creating an appointment.

Create a new appointment

Add additional attendees to the appointments, see the short video below

Calendar views while creating an appointment

View of selected users

Once you select Layer users attending the appointment you will be able to view the selected users calendar view Resource Planner screen. See short video below.

Select and drag option to create an appointment

Use this tool to create your appointments.

Resource Planner views

From Resource Planner calendar view you are able to switch between the view of current week, work week, agenda view and move back and forth with arrows next to the selected dates.

Show full day will also present you with the full day calendar view instead of working hours.

Black arrow in the calendar view

The black arrow icon indicates that there is an earlier or later appointment that is not being presented in the selected view.

Click on 'Show full day' in the calendar view if all appointments are not presented.

Delegated access to customer and lead record for additional attendees

To ensure that the additional users have access to the main record we have added an automatic delegation respecting the default set up in the 'Company Settings'. Specify how many days you would like the users to have delegated access to main record from the day that the appointment is assigned to them.

Appointment Stack

We have added an additional attendees column to the task workstacks for appointments only.

Users with 'View Only My Records' will be able to view all appointments whether they are main attendee of the appointment or additional.

Users will also have an option to de-select the appointments where they are additional appointment attendees.

From 'View All Records' option in the workstack managers will be able to select task owners (same as before). This filter will include users' appointments as a main attendee as well as additional.

Existing appointment reports

Existing appointment reports were updated with additional appointment attendees column listing users comma separated.

Updated reports

Mobile Application for Appointment Feedback

Appointment feedback is expected from the main appointment attendee, none of the additional attendees will receive a notification to submit the appointment feedback and will not have it listed in the Mobile App.

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