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Using the Revenue & Profit Margin Analysis widget
Using the Revenue & Profit Margin Analysis widget

This widget helps with tracking of profit margins

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

The main purpose of the Revenue & Profit Margin Analysis widget is to track profit margin on equipment sales for a given period.

Numerous filtering and grouping options are provided, allowing the widget to meet a range of requirements.

For example, you may wish to see:

  • Profit margins for a specific supplier for all sales users for the current month.

  • A comparison of last quarter's overall margins between multiple sales teams.

  • Hardware-only profit margins across all users this year so far.

Margins are calculated by comparing up-front buy and sell prices for invoiced products and services, and displayed in £ and % formats.

A breakdown is provided to detail filtered information at line level, allowing you to drill down to item level. This breakdown can also be exported to Excel, allowing you to manipulate data as you require.

For specifics on where various values come from, check the table at the end of the document.

Grouping options

You can group by:

  • User

  • Team (via assigned user)

  • Product Category

  • Product Sub-Category

  • Intermediary

  • Supplier

Filtering options

You can filter on:

  • User

  • Team (via assigned user)

  • Supplier

  • Product Type (Product / Service)

  • Product Category

  • Product Sub-Category

The following filtering options are also available:

Exclude Discount / HWF

Choose whether or not any discount or hardware fund values should be considered.

For example, Exclude HWF will mean that we exclude the HWF amount from the original item price. This means that the HWF offset is acknowledged.

If you want the true value of the item, you should include funds and discounts.

Product Type

Choose to show All items, Products only, or Services only.

Team / User Filter On

You can elect to base any user or team filters and groups based on:

  • Sales Order Owner

  • Customer Owner

  • Sales Order Connector


You can choose to display information for a given period. Choose a Timespan Type e.g. day, month and an Initial Span to determine period length. Please note that these options refer to calendar periods. If you wish to display in non-calendar periods, please use days as your timespan type.

The date triggers for a line are:

Products: stock allocation date to SO

Up-front services: connection date

Breakdown and export

The breakdown will display line details of filtered information. Users with the required role will be able to Export this to spreadsheet.

Click the magnifying glass icon against an individual grouping or against the Total row.

Values - Sources and calculations


Widget Field


Up-front Buy (Service)


Purchase Order or Inventory (last amended cost price within the Sales Order)

Up-front Buy (Product)


Stock authoritative

Up-front Sell (Service)


Sell price to customer (filters are provided to exclude discount or HWF from sell price calculations if desired)

Up-front Sell (Product)


Sell price to customer (filters are provided to exclude discount or HWF from sell price calculations if desired)



Sell - Buy



(Sell – Buy) / Sell*100

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