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Setting up your GDPR landing page and email templates
Setting up your GDPR landing page and email templates

How to configure the content and formatting of your GDPR request communications

Written by Raymond Carrel
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The GDPR email and landing page on your system are set automatically to our default options. However, you may choose to replace these with your own customised version, with different content and / or styling.

Please note, we have created a separate article on how you can request GDPR-related contact preferences for your users here.

Customising the GDPR landing pages

The landing page is what your customers will see if they click on the link in your email, in order that they can set their preferences. To customise this page, administrators can go to Settings - GDPR Landing Templates.

From here, you can see a section for Lead records, and a section for Customer records. This means you can set up a different template for each type.

Basic formatting tools are provided, but you may benefit from using the HTML editor, accessible from the </> button. This does assume some knowledge of HTML. You may also paste in HTML from an external template, where present.

The parameters listed below will add the equivalent check boxes to the page. You can customise the text of each link.

Parameters in customer landing page: {can_email}, {can_phone}, {can_sms}, {can_email_marketing}, {can_phone_marketing}, {can_sms_marketing}, {submit_button}

Parameters in lead landing page: {can_email_marketing}, {can_phone_marketing}, {can_sms_marketing}, {submit_button}

You can test the landing pages from a customer and lead record. Use a test record with a test contact, and click the button under the Link column .

When you click on the link you will be presented with your custom landing page.

Customising the GDPR email templates

You can also customise the format and content of the emails that are sent to ask customers for their preferences.

For general information on configuring email templates, check this link.

The parameters / snippets specific to this email template are: $$company$$,

$$first$$ (recipient's first name) and $$gdpr_link$$.

These are the same for both lead and customer email templates.

To assign created email templates to a function, go to Mail Templates - Company from Settings.

The templates to amend are GDPR Request for Customer Contacts and GDPR Request for Lead Contacts.

From each drop-down, select the desired template.

Testing your GDPR Email Templates

You can test your email templates to make sure that your GDPR link takes you to the correct landing page, and that the information and formatting is correct.

From your test contact click on the button in the Request column.

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