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How to get support for Layer products
How to get support for Layer products

A list of support routes for Layer customers & partners

Written by Natalie Dryburgh
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This article is designed to help your team gain the maximum benefit from The Layer® by utilising the support channels available to your organsation, including:

  • Articles 📄 Searchable article collections covering everyday system uses

  • Live Chat 📢 We offer live chat for instant support from our team

  • Portal 💻 Self service website, allowing customers to raise cases directly

  • Phone Support 📞 You can call us on 03333 222 000

  • Custom Docs 📃 We occasionally create custom docs for your organisation

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access custom training material?

If your query relates to a training issue, we recommend that in the first instance you refer to any training materials provided.

If we created custom documentation or videos for you during your organisation's on-boarding, these will be sent to you by your Project Co-ordinator prior to your launch and can be re-sent at any point should you require this. Just reach out to us for help.

How do I access help articles?

Our articles library can be accessed via the Help button on the ribbon on the bottom of your screen, or via

If after referring to these you still have a query or you require bespoke training, please contact a member of the Support Team who will be happy to either raise a case to resolve your query or provide a training proposal for you.

Who can raise cases and when?

It’s worth noting that, whilst not essential, support users typically have full admin rights to the Layer and are known as Layer Champions.

Layer Champions provide support to all end users within your organisation. We request that all end users report any issues to the nominated contacts in the first instance to resolve.

To ensure that there is clear visibility of issues, queries and requirements across your business we restrict the number of contacts who are able to contact, which would have been agreed at the time of going live. We recommend that one of the initial on-boarding team become a support contact.

How do I raise a case?

On occasion, there will be issues or queries raised that your Layer Champion is unable to resolve. In these instances they should contact us for support. We will then raise a case to resolve your query or you can raise this as a case via our support portal.

There are 4 contact methods to contact us which are:

  • Contact us via live chat 📢 if your organisation is enabled for this

  • Email us at [email protected]

  • Raise a case via our support portal, users will require permission to access the portal

  • Call us on 03333 222 000 to speak to a member of our Support Team.

What if my query is urgent and is stopping users from accessing The Layer?

We invest heavily in proactive monitoring, redundant systems and a 24/7 on call development resource. If things do go wrong, it is possible to call us directly if the query is urgent and is stopping your users accessing or using key areas of The Layer. In these instances please call us immediately on 03333 222 000.

Account Management & Support Packages

As noted above one of the methods of contact is via your Account Manager. If your support package includes our premium support, you’ll receive a proactive call on a scheduled basis (quarterly) to review your account. This includes reviewing any open cases and discussing new features as well as providing the opportunity to discuss how you can gain maximum value from using The Layer.

Can I upgrade my support package?

Yes, should you feel that your current support package is not adequate please contact us on 03333 222 000 or email us at [email protected] where we will review your current support package and provide a proposal.

What kind of support isn’t covered?

We aim to support you in every way possible however on occasion there will be support requests that are not covered by your package and these are outlined below:

Design work

Whether you’d like to redesign the look and feel of the application, including work stacks or the knowledgebase, or you’re looking to create some new pages/ amend existing pages of your quote, invoice, purchase order or sales order documents, you can either use in-house skills, an external agent or our design team.

We’ll provide you with a quotation once we understand your requirements and help to produce a brief.


We offer the following training packages, please speak with your Account Manager for the latest pricing:

  • Train the trainer

  • Face to face training

  • Remote sessions

  • Bespoke materials

Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to review this and provide a quotation for your needs.

I don’t want to pay for training, can’t you just help?

Unfortunately not, we provide training at launch, as well as bespoke manuals and videos along side our knowledgebase content to reduce the costs associated with training. However, as mentioned above we always recommend that there is a Layer Champion in house to ensure that users are properly supported. The most costly option is for us to provide your training. That being said, additional training is a sound investment if you aren’t utilising the full functionality and need some help.

Development work

Please note all custom development work is chargeable and needs to be scoped out and scheduled.

If you’d like us to work on a custom feature, mini-project or an integration project, you can do so in the following ways.

  • Work with another company to develop a solution using our API (please note if - we haven’t exposed the features included in our API this would most likely incur a charge)

  • Work with us to produce a solution (chargeable)

For all custom development, we will charge an initial scoping fee and if the work is agreed, we will then require a 50% deposit to reserve the development time and the remaining 50% prior to starting.

If you have a product suggestion, it’s best to raise this via the Support Team or via a case on the portal. Depending on the demand levels from other customers, and our current development priorities, we will then categorise the request. Only when we commit to developing the change will we bring it onto our roadmap, before then it remains as a possible suggestion which may or may not make it into the application.

Setting up new users and deactivating former users

What happens if I want to add a new user and I’d like The Layer Support Team to set them up?

We charge a standard admin charge for setting up and administering new users of £75. Please contact your Account Manager for further details.

How do I deactivate a user?

If you want to deactivate a user, users who have CRM permissions can deactivate users or you can give the Support Team a call at The Layer and we can talk you through how to do that.

Please note that all licences are liable for payment for the full committed contract term. If you have a new user, we can transfer the license and set up the new user for £75. If you reallocate a user licence and want help transferring the data across our standard admin charge will apply.

Please call us on 03333 222 000 or visit to raise a portal case

How do I raise a complaint?

Your satisfaction is very important to us. If you are unhappy with a response, in the first instance please contact the original person who dealt with your query. If you are still dissatisfied please contact your Account Manager.

If you remain dissatisfied, your complaint will be escalated to Customer success team lead. It would be helpful to quote any case references and the grounds for escalating your case alongside a proposed resolution.

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