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Creating a custom service in a quotation
Creating a custom service in a quotation

If you don't have the tariff you want in price book, you may be able to add it as a custom tariff

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

If the tariff you want to quote for is not present in your price book, you can create a new custom tariff straight from the quotation builder screen. Please note that access to this is permission-based (Disable Custom Product Creation).

To create a custom tariff simply click on 'Custom' in the quotation builder screen.

You will then be asked if you would like to create a product or service.

In the New product screen fill in the product or service header with relevant details. In order to add classifications to the service you will need to add the product to company inventory.

Complete the pricing tab with relevant details.

Note that the classification tab is available now to be completed too, as we have added the product to the company inventory.

In the classification tab you will be presented with two columns:

Supported – In this column you can select multiple classifications, if required which should be included in the service in the price book. This will make all selected classifications available to choose from in the quotation screen for all other sales users.

Selected – Select one classification only, this is the classification that will appear in the quotation you are working on at the time.

Once you are happy with the service that you created simply click create you will see the below pop up message.

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