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Using the Scheduler to run Functions
Using the Scheduler to run Functions

Functions can be configured to run automatically on a schedule

Written by Raymond Carrel
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The Scheduler is a tool that lets you schedule Functions to be run at a particular date and time.

The Scheduler is a premium add-on - please get in touch with your account manager if you're interested in using it.

Accessing the Scheduler

The Scheduler can be accessed from Settings - Scheduler.

If any scheduled functions have been set up already, you'll see them detailed here.

Each record contains the following:

  • The name of the scheduled task

  • The function that will be run

  • A schedule that determines when the function will be run

Scheduling a function

Click on Add New Record to schedule a task.


Enter a name for the scheduled task that gives users an idea of what it does.

Schedule on:

Here you will determine how often the function will run - every hour, day, week, month, or year.

Use Custom Expression

This is an advanced option. In some cases, you may wish to run the function on a more complex schedule than the Schedule on controls allow.

Checking this option will replace those controls with a field that allows you to enter a custom expression.

A custom expression is a series of characters that is interpreted by the scheduler to form a more complex schedule.

Specifically, the scheduler accepts CRON expressions. There are tools online that can help you generate this.

Some example CRON expressions are shown below.

1st day of every third month at 9am

0 9 1 */3 *

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1pm

0 13 * * 1,3,5


This is where you will select the function that will be run.

End Date

The scheduled task will no longer run after the entered date.


The task will only run if this box is checked. You can uncheck it to disable a task without having to delete it.

Enable Error Logging

Enabling this allows for logging of failed run attempts.

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