Enabling auto contract extension

This feature can be enabled for specific classifications

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Enabling the feature in your instance

To use this feature, there are two settings that must be enabled at a system level. We suggest contacting your contact at The Layer to help you with this process, but details are provided here.

From Settings - Company Setup, open the Customisations tab.

The two settings in question are:

  • Enable Auto Contract Extension

    • This enables the option to auto-extend the new contract.

  • Enable Quotation Item Data Capture

    • This enables Data Capture at quotation-level. This is where the services will be linked.

Adding scripts

Some Functions must be enabled to allow for the automatic addition and updating of quotation-level profit adjustments.

Please speak to us at The Layer for assistance with this unless you are very familiar with the process.

The following scripts and mappings are required:

Enabling for a classification

Auto contract extension can be enabled on a per-classification level. You may wish to enable it, for example, for all renewal-type classifications.

Users with Settings access can enable this feature this from the Product Classification area.

Select your classification and check Asset Mapping Supported.

The Group setting pertains to specific dashboard widgets only, and does not affect any other processes.

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