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Enabling updates for users
Enabling updates for users

Information on how to receive Layer updates by email

Written by Chris Smith
Updated over a week ago

Enabling updates for users allows them to receive notifications from The Layer. These updates include Announcements, New Features, Improvements and many more articles you may find useful.

Some updates also provide an opportunity to leave feedback, which allows you to let us know your thoughts on new features, improvements and more.

To enable the updates feature you will require CRM Administrator Access

Firstly, go to Settings > Users

Your current directory of Users will appear

Scroll right until "Product Updates" column appears, you will notice Users will either have Updates Enabled (Green Tick) or Disabled (Red X). To change this for each user, simply click on the users current icon > a white tick box will appear > click again and their settings for updates will be changed

Once you have enabled user updates, the next time the user logs into The Layer, they will notice the Updates option at the top of the screen

Click into the Updates tab and a Side bar will appear with all the recent Updates from The Layer. If you click into "What's New on The Layer" it will open a new tab where you can search all current and past updates

If you would like to subscribe to our Updates you can do so by clicking on "What's new on The Layer" and in the new tab Clicking "Subscribe to Updates"

You will be prompted to enter your email address:

After doing so you will receive an email to verify your address. You can also unsubscribe from The Layer updates at any time.

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