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Exporting data from The Layer
Exporting data from The Layer

There are a few ways to export data in bulk

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

There are a number of ways to export data from The Layer.

Data Manager

Data Manager is a comprehensive data import and export tool. It requires administrator access.

It can be accessed from or from the Data Manager button in the Settings area.

There are a few buttons beside each entity type. To create a populated file with all records of that type, click Populated.

Note that some entities cannot be exported from Data Manager, due to the way that they are stored in our database. For entities such as contacts and phone call tasks, we advise that you use reports (see below).

Work stack exports

You can also export the results of any work stack (aka browsing sessions). This will export the unfiltered results.

Exporting from here will export data according to the filters saved against the work stack. Further filtering can be done after the spreadsheet is exported.


A range of reports can be accessed from the Reports section. Many of these allow you to enter a date range e.g. quotations created within a certain date.

Useful examples include All Customer Contacts and Phone Call Tasks, as these cannot be exported from Data Manager.

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