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Using Discount Plans

Information on the Discount Plans add-on

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Discount Plans allow you to define a range of customised discounts that can be applied to quotation items.

The discount plan framework is very flexible, but most discounts will be comprised of the following:

  • Eligibility criteria: the items to which the discount be applied

  • Discount value: a percentage or fixed value

  • Discount reference: a code that represents the discount applied, for reporting and tracking e.g. BCAD reference for supplier

  • Expiry date: the expiry date of the discount, after which it cannot be applied

Discount plans are configured in the Settings area of The Layer, and are applied from the quotation record via a drop-down menu.

Applying a discount plan

From a quotation record you can see a list of pre-defined discount plans by opening the menu labelled Select operation.

If this menu doesn't appear, it likely means that you have no discounts configured.

Selecting a discount plan will apply the discount to all qualifying items. You'll see a confirmation screen to summarise any items that were updated.

An item with a discount applied will have a tooltip next to its name. Where a particular discount plan has an associated discount reference code, this will be displayed here.

You can also Remove individual discounts from here.

Please note that each line may only have one discount applied. After one is applied to a line, any subsequent discounts will not be applied.

Consolidated discount plans

It's possible to group together multiple discounts together into a consolidated plan.

This consolidated plan can be mapped to an entry within the discount plan list, allowing you to run a number of potential discount plans against all items on a quotation in one go.

This consolidated plan can have a discount code assigned to it, which would then appear against all items to which it was successfully applied.

Configuring discount plans

Discount plans are configured from Settings -> Scriptable Functions. These may have been configured for you based on the needs of your business.

Discount Plans use the Functions (aka Scriptable Functions) platform. Functions allow developers to customise Layer functionality with code, unlocking unlimited potential for extending the system.

Discount Plans are just one application of this platform. For more information, check this article.

You can check the Discount Plans tab to see all defined plans. They can be edited from here. Many of them will have a number of fields that can be changed to modify product eligibility and discount effect.

Creating a discount plan

A new plan can be defined by clicking on New Function.

A number of templates are available from the Template menu.

Group should generally be Discount Plans, and you can leave the Type at the default value.

This allows you to fill in the details for the plan. For example:

  • Percentage or £ value

  • Expiry date for discount

  • BCAD reference

  • Discount on

    • UnitCost - amend the upfront sell price of the item

    • LineDiscount - add a discount value to the item's upfront cost

    • RecurringCostCore - discount the monthly sell price

Some plans may not fit the templates provided, and may use custom code specific to that discount. These will be created for you as part of your initial configuration.

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