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Integrating Power BI with The Layer
Integrating Power BI with The Layer

Information on hooking up The Layer with Power BI

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago
  • Download and install Power BI Desktop (free).

  • In Settings – Application Management create a new API Application called ‘Power BI’, including a description (otherwise an error will occur).

  • API application tokens will automatically be created in the Settings - Token Management area (if they are not select ‘refresh tokens’ against the application and they should appear).

  • Note: Tokens are valid for 1 year.

  • Ensure the user you are using to access the API has the ‘API – Access All Areas’ Developer API option selected in Settings – Users – Roles.

  • Note: You may need to add parameters to the URL such as showOnlyOpen, createdStart and createdEnd dates as in this example.

  • Open Power BI desktop, create a new file and select ‘Get data – Web’ to connect to the Layer API.

  • Choose ‘Advanced and then enter your API URL in the URL parts field.

  • Due to the way Power BI parses this data you need to add an extra parameter onto the query string of this URL before it's ready to go; RawJsonResponse=true

  • So our final API URI would be:

  • Copy both Token1 and Token 2 (from step 3) into the form request header parameters and select ‘Ok’.

  • Once the connection has been established the data will be loaded and automatically converted into a table.

  • Select ‘Close & apply’ from the menu to finish loading the data.

  • You can now start formatting the data into Power BI reports.

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