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Integrations - Establishing Application Links
Integrations - Establishing Application Links

This tool is used to perform the initial link between e.g. The Layer sites and Affinity site records

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Please note this tool should not generally be used outside of an initial configuration / migration process.

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This tool can support a number of integrations and record links. It is a special version of Data Manager. It uses insert operation type only, but the links inserted are used to form a connection between existing records of another type. This means that records that will be linked must already exist in both systems.

The entity type is Application Links. The columns are as follows:

  • Application Name - As seen in Settings - Application Management (see below)

  • Entity Id - A Layer-specific ID for each item. The source of this will depend on the record type.

  • Entity Type - A number representing the record type.

  • Integration Id - Record ID from integrated system.

Dev teams will assist with locating the correct IDs and values for a given integration.

The Layer - Affinity Integration - Site Link

The tool can be used to create links between Site records in The Layer, and Affinity. Please note that sites and subsites in The Layer are both considered site records. A subsite in The Layer is just a site with a parent site assigned.

For this particular function, the fields must be populated as follows:

Application Name: Aurora Affinity

Entity Id: This refers to The Layer's site IDs. These are not freely available in the system. Speak to devs, who can create an export of site data, including the Id column, At time of writing this is column D.

Entity Type: The value 19 must be used for every site line. This represents the site data type.

Integration Id: These values will be taken from Affinity.

Example input:

Examples of where Integration Id for sites can be seen in Affinity

Example Site IDs:

Example Site IDs for Subsite:

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